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How to Break in Work Boots Like a Pro

September 9, 2016

Best Work Boots
After purchasing a fresh pair of work boots, there’s a high probability that they’ll be the perfect fit right out of the box. Upon trying them on, a few pinches and aches are common, typically around the heel sections and the sides of the toes.   Before you begin to wear them for an extended period, at first, it is required that you break them in. However, not doing so might cause your feet to experience ... read more

The Best Waterproof Work Boots – Don’t Let Water Ruin Your Day

August 31, 2016

Best Waterproof Work Boots
    Is water an issue during your daily working activities? Does it impact your working performance while on the job? If yes, you need a high-quality waterproof work boot that actually keeps water out. A normal work boot is just not enough, my friend.   A work boot that is designed to deter the entry of water into the boots will function in two different ways. In addition to keeping your feet dry ... read more

Finding the Best Work Boots for Your Job

August 31, 2016

Most Comfortable Work Boots
  Introduction What’s a workman without the proper tools for the job? Just a man without the necessary tools to complete the task/s ahead of him? Definitely not! That’s a man at risk of experiencing injuries from hazardous objects and having a low level of effective job completion. Don’t you agree?   While on the job, one can face many unexpected dangers, so why not prepare for worst case scenarios? ... read more

Choosing the Most Comfortable Work Boots for Extreme Work Performance

August 14, 2016

Most Comfortable Work Boots
  Standing on your feet at work for the entire day is not easy. Your ankles and feet have to support your body weight for hours and hours, sometimes without even a minute’s break. Subsequently, you may experience occasional ankle pains and injuries which may demand time off from work or regular visits to the doctor – something that we all try to avoid.   Having the most comfortable work boots can make ... read more

Composite Toe VS Steel Toe, Which is the right choice for you? and whats the difference?

May 26, 2016

  Going head to head is the Composite Toe and the Steel Toe. Well, the champion will depend on your industry of work. In order to determine the one that is most suitable for you, you first need to gain some understanding about the dissimilarities between them both and their reasons for existence.   Composite Toe VS. Steel Toe Composite Toes   In terms of providing protection for the toes, ... read more

Best Work Shoes for Standing

May 26, 2016

    Henry got a job to fill the position of a security guard. This meant that he would be standing in one area for most of his work days. He thought to himself, “This is nice!”, since his chances of getting injured while on the job would be negligible.   “How could I possibly get injured if all I’m doing is just standing in one spot?”, he thought.   Henry started to feel a little different ... read more

Best Work Boots for Concrete

May 23, 2016

BALAD, Iraq (April 23, 2007) - Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 4 and NMCB-28 work together to finish a concrete foundation for a new vehicle maintenance building in Balad, Iraq. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael B.W. Watkins (RELEASED)
    A concrete surface is quite unique as it is one that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. However, it can be a surface that is difficult to carry out work on. For the benefit of the doubt, ask someone that is accustomed to spending 5 or more hours working on a concrete surface.   It is important to note that concrete is designed to be as hard as possible, which might prove to be quite ... read more

Best Insoles for Work Boots

May 22, 2016

    Customarily, if you tend to observe your work boots regularly, you’ll notice that the first sections to become worn out are the insoles.   There’s no unusualness in wearing your way through a few pairs of work boots in just a year, which is a bit odd since they are not opened to the different weather conditions. They are seated on the inside of your work boots!   Insoles possess the ... read more

Cold Weather Work Boots – Stay Warm in Winter with The Best Insulated Work Boots

May 20, 2016

    While Winter draws neigh, so do several newly-risen difficulties at work. Rain, ice, and snow come along with low-temperature conditions, along with new safety threats.   If it is required that you pull out your winter gears for self-protection, the most essential and prioritized equipment must be your work boots. Men’s insulated work boots are perfect for standing up against the cold.   ... read more

Justin Men’s Jmax 8′′ Work Boot

May 9, 2016

    Following this is a Justin Jmax 8” boot review. If this is not your model of interest, different variations are created which give you a few additional options from the Justin Jmax work boot models. Variations are based on colors, toe-types and heights, water- resistance and lace-up or slip-on.   Features     Polyurethane outsole.     Crafted in the United States of America.   ... read more