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Keen Utility Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Boot Review

May 9, 2016

    Features    Light weight: This boot sits amongst the lightest of work boots on the market thereby contributing to its superior comfort.   Very cool: In warm environmental conditions to maintain a comfortable temperature for your feet an added mesh liner is used with breath ability.   Leathery mesh construction.   Excellent Grip: resistance to oil and slippage   Rubber ... read more

Danner Corvallis GTX 5′′ NMT Work Boot

May 9, 2016

  Following this is the anticipated review of one of the best work boots on the market, the Danner Corvallis 5” NMT. If this is not your model of interest, variations are created to give you a few additional options from the Danner Corvallis work boot models. Variations are based on the different toe types offered.   Features:     Waterproof: optimum waterproofing along with GORE-TEX (breathable) ... read more

Justin Men’s Stampede 7200 Work Boot

May 9, 2016

    Following is the review of one of the highest quality work boots on the market, the Justin Stampede 11”. Not interested in this specific model? Then check out the variations that are created which gives the customer a few more options for a product selection from the Justin Stampede work boot product line. Variations are based on the different toe types offered along with color variations and ... read more

Danner Quarry USA 8′′ Brown Work Boot

May 9, 2016

    Following this is a Danner Quarry 8” brown boot review. If this is not your model of interest, different variations are created to give you a few additional options from the Danner Quarry work boot models. Variations are based on colors, toes and height.   Features     Outsole – slip, abrasion and oil resistant.     Grip – indirect lug patter and 90-degree heel allow for ... read more

What are the Best Work Boot Brands? We reveal the Top 5

May 8, 2016

Many individuals seek the best work boot possible on the market, through all the brand names, making it a very daunting task in their selection.   Since the progress in technology over the years it is noticeable, the upsurge in new work boots under different brand names on the market. Furthermore, such progress has always provided potential customers with a struggle in their decision making of which work ... read more

The Best Construction Boots- Don’t set foot on site without yours.

May 8, 2016

At the moment, the market is overflowing with various work boots, in which a majority of them were designed for specific jobs. For instance, in for persons working in the construction industry which there is a great amount of hazards, it is recommended that they choose a pair of construction work boots.   We are all aware of the relentlessness of this industry. Subsequently, we’ve compiled this guide to ... read more

Boots coming apart? Here’s how to repair them

May 7, 2016

      If you have work boots that are being worn out, you just simply have to come to grips with the fact that they definitely won’t last a lifetime. The first thing to observe is if the sole of the boots is being detached from the boot itself. There’s no avoiding the fact that they will become worn out, disregarding your choice of the best work boots to carry out your working activities. If you ... read more

Men’s Danner Vicious 4.5′′ NMT Work Boot

May 3, 2016

Pros:   This work boot is very cozy and well-designed.   Cons:   Given that it was made of a sturdier leather material, if could have been warmer.     Men’s Danner Vicious 4.5′′ NMT Work Boot Features –  Fully water-resistant and designed with a fairly stretchable GORE- TEX material, which allows for better fitting and comfort. It also removes moisture from the shoes and keep your ... read more

Upkeep Tips to make your Work Boots last

May 3, 2016

Shoe polishing close up
    Strong work boots are hardly inexpensive and cheap work boots are hardly ever strong. Work boots are essential in most industries today and from your hard work, these boots face the full consequence.   It is true that manufacturers seemingly produce work boots with the latest technology, however, these boots are durable to an extent but not to some customer’s satisfaction. They are expected to ... read more

Tips on where to buy work boots…

May 3, 2016

A big question asked by many individuals is where is the best place to purchase work boots. Locating this place of purchase will help you to determine what are the best work boot brands. Upon finding these, you can determine what the best work boots are.   Shopping online has been the ‘in thing’ for many persons who wish to shop nowadays. The modern-day technology, high-speed delivery and shipping, along ... read more