Best Insoles for Work Boots




Customarily, if you tend to observe your work boots regularly, you’ll notice that the first sections to become worn out are the insoles.


There’s no unusualness in wearing your way through a few pairs of work boots in just a year, which is a bit odd since they are not opened to the different weather conditions. They are seated on the inside of your work boots!


Insoles possess the ability to improve your working days significantly by providing additional support and comfort where they are required most. Upon trying out an exceptional pair of insoles, you’ll become attached! The distinction is really astonishing.


If you’ve bought a great pair of work boots (which is an excellent choice), it’s a clever decision to try and obtain some high-quality insoles to join them.


With the wide range of options that are available, it is expected that persons will be a bit indecisive when it comes on to choosing the best insoles for a work boot. Below, I have provided some top-rated options, along with some guidance on selecting the most suitable pair.


Why should I use good insoles?


It’s a serious matter that if you work on rigid surfaces, spend prolonged hours on your feet or you just have a “thing” for comfort, you’ll definitely need a pair of high-quality insoles. These will help to prevent you from getting injured or fatigued while at work. A good insole means that:


  • –  Blisters are things of the past.
  • –  There’s a lesser probability that you’ll feel sore and tired.
  • –  Improved shock absorption.
  • –  Having sweaty feet becomes a distant memory.

As time goes by, it is inevitable that the level of shock absorption, stability and cushioning that your work boots possess will be lessened. They can be used continuously but the degree of impact and stress on your feet, legs and joints will increase. This means that you are more susceptible to injuries, sores, and tiredness.


High-quality insoles will halt those undesirable situations so that you can have a peace of mind all throughout your day.


All in all, quality insoles will cause your work boots to fit you better and make them much more comfortable


But aren’t insoles a scam? Aren’t my stock insoles good enough?


No, actually!


The insoles that are equipped in your work boots can be used, but more often than not, they are commonly just cheap fillers. If you read the fine print, you’ll realize that the majority of shoe manufacturers literally inform you of the requirement of upgrading your insoles to improve the comfort, support and fit that their footwear will supply to your feet.


Not every pair of work boots will come with cheap and low-quality insoles. We have to admit that several of the newly-introduced models of work boots possess excellent features such as the design of the insole.


If it happens that your current work boots are performing perfectly without you even experiencing sore or tiredness at work, there’s no need to alter anything. As they always say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.


It is important to be mindful that almost 100% of the time, obtaining and placing the most suitable pair of insoles into your work boots will increase the level of stability, safety and comfort that your work boots provide you with.


If you’re lionhearted enough to try them out, wear your work boots with the standard insoles for a week then divert to a more superior pair and observe the changes.


I promise you that you’ll remember that that’s exactly what we said.


Types of insoles


– Support insoles: These are constructed from tougher materials to allow for additional comfort, stability, and support. These types of insoles stand as the most appropriate option for work boots.


– Comfort insoles: These are used for added comfort. They are usually softer gels or foams, and even though they’re tempting, you won’t get sufficient sturdiness for a normal work day. Always remember that a pillow is excellent for relaxation but not for working. You’re there to do work!


– Custom orthotics: These have quite a bit more technicality. They are manufactured by a podiatrist and are excellent for persons who have chronic foot problems. Are fallen arches or flat feet giving you great difficulties? Yes? Then these insoles are definitely for you.


So, what are the best insoles for work boots?


Since you now know that the best insoles for work boots are support insoles, I’ve gathered a list of some of the most reliable support insoles on the market:


Superfeet Green Premium Insoles & Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles




With regards to work boot insoles, Superfeet insoles stand as the most reliable and highly-rated. Nevertheless, we only advocate for these insoles if you’re able to detach your existing pair.


These insoles possess a wide array of different color classifications. Nevertheless, the orange or green range is the best option for work boots. This is so because they are designed specifically for work boots that have more space and also offer extreme support.


You’ll love them! Not just because of their self-assurance but because of the 60-day money back guarantee that is offered. There’s nothing to lose on your side!


What are the dissimilarities between the green and orange?


The orange variant stands a bit taller, so:


  • –  If your work boots provide great support for your ankles – the Superfeet orange is your best friend
  • –  If your work boots have low/mid-range support for your ankles, choose the Superfeet green


Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole





There’s a newly-introduced replacement insole brought about by Timberland Pro. Similar to the majority of the gears that they produce, they have successfully delivered! This fraternity has some of the best work boots on the market. Therefore, there’s no amazement to see them making a high-quality insole as well.


The insole possesses a dynamic arch design which helps to mold to the shape of your feet to provide maximum comfort and support. The OrthoLite top section offers temperature and antimicrobial adjustment to keep your feet supported, comfortable, fresh and dry.


Insole fitting advice


  • –  In washing your insoles, use a mild cleaning agent and allow them to air dry. It’s that simple!
  • –  When your work boots are not in use, remove the insoles. – this allows the accumulated moisture to be released.
  • –  Compare the thickness of your insole with the stock pair that came with your boots. If it happens that you receive one that has too much thickness, the boots may become a bit tight.
  • –  If it is required that you crop them in order to fit, begin by cropping them one size bigger than the size of your shoe. Try it out to see how well it fits and adjust to your liking.