Best Work Boots for Concrete

070423-N-6436W-024 BALAD, Iraq (April 23, 2007) - Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 4 and NMCB-28 work together to finish a concrete foundation for a new vehicle maintenance building in Balad, Iraq. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael B.W. Watkins (RELEASED)



A concrete surface is quite unique as it is one that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. However, it can be a surface that is difficult to carry out work on. For the benefit of the doubt, ask someone that is accustomed to spending 5 or more hours working on a concrete surface.


It is important to note that concrete is designed to be as hard as possible, which might prove to be quite painful and tiresome if you are required to work on it for the entire day.


The feet are the parts of the body that bear the effects of walking and working on concrete surfaces for long periods. Subsequently, they may begin to develop Plantar Fasciitis.


It is the nature of concrete to be a solid material that is extremely dense. However, this causes an individual’s feet and lower body joints to be damaged from working and walking on those surfaces for extended periods.


So what can you do? 


If you are one that has to stand on concrete surfaces for 2 or more hours in a day, it is recommended to get work boots that are capable of relieving stress from knee joints to the feet.


It should be noted that not every work boot on the market is ideal for concrete surfaces. Furthermore, concrete is a much harder work surface and is the hardest of all work surfaces that one can work on.


This surface is unforgiving, which often causes problems of all sorts. For example, sore feet and lower back pain.


With that said, there are two different types of boots: 


Work boots designed for works carried out on hard concrete surfaces.

A variant designed for works in freshly poured concrete.


If your career requires you to work in freshly poured concrete, then and only then you will resort to a rubber based work boot, which should be both comfortable and protective of the feet.


It should also keep water, slurry and stones and other unwanted materials out of the work boot while maintaining a high degree of safety.


It is essential to obtain a work boot that can be washed easily and easily removed from the feet using your hands (kick rim).


On the other hand, if you are required to work on hard concrete surfaces, then a work boot that is equipped with excellent ankle support and tremendous shock absorption would be a suitable boot selection.


It is recommended also to acquire a good pair of work boot shoes insoles to increase the comfort level and help the user to get through the very long hours of the day.


Even if you’re working in or on concrete, it is very important to obtain a high-quality work boot ASAP to provide that essential protection that your feet need and better back support. In need of more reviews? Please visit this page.


Our Top Choices – Best Work Boots for Concrete Floors 


The following are the top-rated choices:

Wolverine Men’s Raider Boot 




Well-suited for works done ON concrete.


This work boot is equipped with shock absorbing compressive pads within the boot’s insole. Due to this particular design, the boot is capable of absorbing constant shocks that the feet normally experiences while working on such a hard concrete surface. As an added bonus, the Wolverine Raider is made with high-end leather Nubuck which gives the work boot a sharp, stylish look.


The Wolverine also utilizes a 6’’ heel, which provides excellent ankle support and feet protection. But more importantly, it is very comfortable in that its design stage, high-frequency impact was of major concern because it will be used on hard concrete surfaces. Indeed, they were made for construction purposes.


These work boots are very reliable, especially in regards to its function to absorb shocks from concrete surfaces. They will essentially free you from sore feet and combat all effects of working on a hard concrete surface.


Irish Setter Men’s 6′′ Work Boot 





Well-suited for works done ON concrete.


These boots are well-trusted to efficiently and effectively operate on a building site. They are affordable but they cost a bit above the average work boot. Furthermore, it is important to note that the incorporated flat sole in these work boots combat the effects of extended walking and working on hard concrete surfaces. Additionally, the rubber soles are very soft and shock absorbent.


The Irish Setter brand is a branch of the popular trusted work boot company, Red Wing. A padded tongue is also built in the Irish Setter, along with a collar which increases the level of comfort.


If you are looking for a work boot that is trusted to protect your feet, then look no further than the Irish Setters.


Excellent on concrete surfaces and a great selection if your skills are required in the construction industry.


TREDS Over-The-Shoe 17′′ Rubber Slush Boots 




Well-suited for works done IN concrete


First and foremost, these boots are very affordable. Some say that they are cheap to the point that they aren’t referred to as work boots. However, they are highly protective of the feet. Hence, they are ideal for working in freshly poured concrete. Nevertheless, it is recommended to be used in this type of environment occasionally and not to be subjected to very heavy usage.


Fresh concrete within a work boot is almost always uncomfortable and can possibly injure the feet. An impressive 17’’ heel is used, which is tied towards the top, preventing concrete from seeping in.


In addition, they are hard to puncture or rupture. If your job requires you to work in fresh concrete environs, then it is well worth the effort to get these boots which are also resistant to snow, compost, water and manure.


The Original Muckboots Muckmaster Hi-Cut Boot




Well-suited for works done IN concrete


It is widely perceived that rubber-based boots are just sweat containers but they are great work boots for concrete surfaces. For over 3 years, the company has been manufacturing water-resistant boots and has really come a long way with its moisture control internal mechanism.


There is absolutely no allowance of water into the boots while any moisture accumulation is dried up in a constant manner. Therefore, the occupant will not experience sweaty slippery feet in these boots.


The superior waterproofing and exceptional insulation of these boots enable users to work in aquatic conditions and in cold winter conditions.


As an added bonus, they are particularly flexible and lightweight with a wide-enough heel to provide increased comfort along with a flexible foam boot sole.


For the material component, tough leather is the material of choice with both heel and toe being ideally reinforced for the protection of the feet. For users who will be subjected to aquatic conditions, a steel shank is present to support ankles in the event of slipping or sliding from misjudgments in wet conditions.


The company Muckboots is known as the creators of durable work boots. Furthermore, customer reviews have also revealed that durability is the major characteristic that has lead them to continue to trust in Muckboots.


For this reason, Muckboots has gained its popularity on the market of work boots. However, they are further strengthened by the multiple reinforcements of both the heels and toes of the work boot, delivering quality where it is so required.