Best Work Shoes for Standing




Henry got a job to fill the position of a security guard. This meant that he would be standing in one area for most of his work days. He thought to himself, “This is nice!”, since his chances of getting injured while on the job would be negligible.


“How could I possibly get injured if all I’m doing is just standing in one spot?”, he thought.


Henry started to feel a little different after two weeks. He was experiencing pains from a sore in his lower back, difficulty in sleeping at nights and frequent headaches.


He decided to visit the doctor after feeling tired, confused and sore after a long shift to inform the doctor of what was going on. The doctor looked at Henry from head to toe and said in a low tone, “Those cheap-looking work boots that you’re wearing is your problem.”


Many industries require that persons stand all day long! However, our bodies were not designed to undergo this kind of pressure. This doesn’t mean that you should go and undertake a change in career. There is still hope my friend. A good pair of work boots (made for workers who stand for extended periods) is all that it will take to keep you going.


Did you know that there are dangers in standing for long periods while on the job? If not, I’ll share some of what I know about the dangers of doing so and the particular type of work boots that could help if you find yourself in that situation.


Our Bodies Weren’t Designed to Stand! 


The fact that there are hundreds of muscles that make up our bodies suggests that we weren’t created to stand in one position for long periods.


Besides, muscles put out a lot of work to keep our bodies in an upward position. Therefore, standing for long hours or wearing unsuitable footwear can result in consequential health effects:


–  Flat foot syndrome. (In paramount cases)

–  Neck-and-shoulder stiffness.

–  Muscle fatigue.

–  Varicose veins.

–  Leg swelling.

–  Sore legs, feet, and back.


Standing on excessively dense surfaces for long hours can really intensify these problems.


Note: Dense surfaces such as concrete will not cause your underbody weight to flex regardless of your weight.


Upon standing or working on concrete surfaces for 10 hours or more is the only time they will realize how difficult it actually is.


Good Work Boots Save the Day 


The dreadful health problems that were discussed can all be avoided in an uncomplicated manner. This begins with your work boots.


If you take a moment and ponder, you’ll realize that your complete body weight is being carried by just your feet. Therefore, it makes total sense to care for them in the best way possible.


They’re entitled to a pair of extremely comfortable work boots with suitable features that are designed to assist you when standing on hard or soft surfaces for long periods.


Here Are Our Top 5 Picks for The Best Work Shoes for Standing… 


1. Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance PRO Waterproof 6′′ Work Boot 





The Timberland Pro work boot has observingly maintained its position in the top 5 and is our long-reigning champion. These work boots are fully equipped with all the safety features that you’d look to have in just about any work boot. This work boot also has an Anti-Fatigue Technology which absorbs impacts and returns energy at crucial sections of the foot.


This means that the Timberland Pro work boots will provide you with long-lasting comfort in areas where it is mostly required. Its distinctive sole will offer you great comfort while standing, regardless of the surface. It also works to prevent you from any particular feet-related hazards. Check out our comprehensive review of the Endurance Pro right here.




2. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer 8′′ Contour Welt / Waterproof Boot 






The popularity of work boots that are manufactured by Wolverine is soaring and doesn’t seem like it will ever stop. Why? Because they make work boots that are of the highest quality!


If comfort is what you’re looking for, the Buccaneer will never fail to deliver. It provides exceptional flexibility and adequate cushioning in the footbed. This is crucial when standing on surfaces that are well condensed.


The footbed can be removed if you wish to throw in some durable and high-quality insole to add more comfort and support. They come in soft toe or steel toe and is definitely an amazing option for persons who spend a lot of time standing.


3. Men’s Carolina Wheat 6-inch Lightweight Composite Toe Work Boots Wheat, WHEAT, 10M 






In third place, we have the Carolina Lightweight composite toe work boot. This is one of the most lightweight work boots that is available for purchase by reason of the non-metallic shank which provides ankle support, and the carbon composite safety toe.


This lightweight work boot meets the needs of workers who stand for most of their work days due to the EVA midsole and the external injection molded arch support. This means that your knee joints feet will react pleasantly to the forces of compression that accompany standing for long hours.


4. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6′′ Moc Toe Boot 






When considering safety work boots, Thorogood American-made work boots will not disappoint in providing great performance. However, the Heritage 6” Moc toe work boot is no different. If you’re a worker who spends plenty of time doing overtime hours, this work boot is specifically for you. You can read our comprehensive American Moc Toe work boot review here.


With your safety and comfort in mind, these work boots possess a dual-density insole which can be removed if you desire to. Why not insert your own customized insoles to step up the level of comfort that you’ll get from these work boots? Try it!


Your ankles are kept well-protected due to the fiberglass shank that comes with these work boots. The wedge-shaped abrasion-proof sole, on the other hand, will determine the most appropriate standing angle to prevent you from contracting those severe muscle aches and pains.


Outstandingly comfortable, supportive and light, there’s no way that these work boots can be overlooked.



5. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic 6-Inch Moc-Toe Work Boot 






If the Red Wing work boots don’t ring a bell, then probably you’re from a different planet. For years, Read Wing has been manufacturing work boots and with such level of experience, they greatly improve on their amazing work. Read our highly-detailed Red Wing Heritage review right here.


Red Wing did an excellent job in creating in providing work boots that have a nice blend of comfort and style while on the job. This great-looking work boot has a high-quality water-resistant leather which is mounted onto a wedge-shaped sole. This means that you can remain comfort for a longer time.


A very important point to note is that these work boots are highly known for possessing a generally longer “break in” period as they try to take on the shape of your feet.





Here are some extra tips to help you maximize safety and comfort: 


–  Choose woolen or cotton sock to allow your feet to breathe.


Steer clear of Nylon socks as the will obstruct your toes!


–  Purchasing two pairs of work boots can help to ensure that your boots last for years and also helps in avoiding the soles from wearing out. Switch between each pair on a daily basis to allow them to dry. (Your feet reserve moisture which stays inside your work boots.)


–  A pair of quality insoles can be purchased and used if there’s not enough cushioning in the soles of the boots. Find out more about insoles here.