Boots coming apart? Here’s how to repair them





If you have work boots that are being worn out, you just simply have to come to grips with the fact that they definitely won’t last a lifetime. The first thing to observe is if the sole of the boots is being detached from the boot itself.

There’s no avoiding the fact that they will become worn out, disregarding your choice of the best work boots to carry out your working activities. If you opt to ignore the state the work boots are in, no later than that you’ll be reaching into your pockets to acquire a fresh pair. Do you desire to extend the durability of your work boots? Yes? Okay, well you are presented with two choices:


1. DIY sole repair ($10-$30)




  • –  Duct tape
  • –  Rubbing alcohol
  • –  Adhesive material such as shoe goo or aqua seal.
  • –  Water-resistant conditioner or a waxy substance.
  • –  Cement for contact.


For small holes:


  • –  Use alcohol to cleanse the area.
  • –  When the area has been desiccated, smudge the adhesive into and

    over the hole, around a centimeter.

  • –  Use finger to refine the area and let it dry in the nighttime.


For a Separating Sole:


  • –  Use alcohol to cleanse the area and leave to desiccate.
  • –  With the use of the contact cement, smear it onto the sole and the area of the work boot that has been divided. When the glue dries,
    take your time and shift both halves together.
  • –  Let it remain overnight after you have tightly duct taped it.
  • –  Apply the adhesive to around and into the repaired area.
  • –  You can make the work boot water-resistant by patching up the boot

    in its entirety, while keeping focus on the area that was fixed.


2. Take it to a cobbler and get the sole replaced ($20- $80)


Unfortunately, this cannot be performed on every work boot. There are several that are made to undergo this task, not for others. You’d have to consult with your local cobbler for more information on this concern.