Danner Corvallis GTX 5′′ NMT Work Boot



Following this is the anticipated review of one of the best work boots on the market, the Danner Corvallis 5” NMT. If this is not your model of interest, variations are created to give you a few additional options from the Danner Corvallis work boot models. Variations are based on the different toe types offered.




  •   Waterproof: optimum waterproofing along with GORE-TEX (breathable) technology, modelled to maintain a high level of comfort and dryness for your feet.


  •   Manufactured with full-grained leather to increase durability and comfort.


  •   TPU shank


  •   Grip – Lug pattern which guarantees super traction with asturdy 90-degree heel.


  •   Danner landscaper sole – oil and slip resistant.


  •   Use of Terra Force X product platform resulting in alightweight product with several other features.


  •   Electrical Hazard Protection.


 NMT to suspend the change in temperature, thereby maintaining a comfortable temperature for toes.


Pros: One of the most comfortable work boots which are pleasing to the eye and has a very high degree of waterproofing.


Cons: Quality-related complaints pertaining to this work boot.


Will They Last?


These boots are exceedingly durable, meaning they are long lasting boots, due to the use of full grained leather material. It is important to note that these boots utilize the triple stitch seal mechanism to improve waterproofing along with many other features that enhances the functionality of work boots.


It should be noted that these boots are designed to be light on the feet to ensure swift movement in and around work areas. Amazingly, these boots are handcrafted with quality in every stitch, cut and rivet, thereby guaranteeing customers of a high quality product. I must say that high quality products are used such as Gore-Tex liner that improves the level of longevity of these boots, and a TPU shank for added support and durability.


What’s The Damage?


The Danner Corvallis boots are handcrafted type boots. Paying for high quality products often requires the user to spend exorbitant sums of money. However, this is not entirely the case for this work boot. It is important to note that on the manufacturers website these boots cost up to $180 while on merchant websites such as Amazon.com they cost $160 that is $20 cheaper.


Basically, these are top rated work boots manufactured using strong full grained leather which are exceptionally light weighted. You can expect the benefits of both a good looking and sturdy work boot, due to the combine features of this strong rigid work boot with the added properties of a sporty lightweight boot, thereby making the Danner Corvallis GTX one of the most comfortable.


Let’s Talk Comfort…


Comfort is one of the stronger points for this the Danner Corvallis work boots. It is designed specifically for workers who are required to be on their feet in carrying out their tasks. The Corvallis is manufactured using strong lightweight materials producing an athletic feel rather than that of a work boot. While providing such an athletic feel and fit it fits true to size.


To improve the lightweight aspect of this work boot, Terra Force X platform in utilized which also strengthens lateral movement and allowing greater heal to toe energy relay which invariably helps in fatigue prevention. Comfort is also improved by the attached tightly fitted heal along with the close fitting interior of the work boot. If you are a worker who is required to be always on your feet for extended hours, then look no further than Danner Corvallis GTX 5”, your best bet!