Danner Quarry USA 8′′ Brown Work Boot




Following this is a Danner Quarry 8” brown boot review. If this is not your model of interest, different variations are created to give you a few additional options from the Danner Quarry work boot models. Variations are based on colors, toes and height.




  •   Outsole – slip, abrasion and oil resistant.


  •   Grip – indirect lug patter and 90-degree heel allow for greatdebris release and gripping.


  •   The full-grain leather that its upper is created with providesexcellent durability and superior protection.


  •   Water-resistant–yourfeetarekeptcomfortableanddryevenin the worst conditions due to its breathable GORETEX andfull water-resistance.


  •   Protects you from electrical hazards.


  •   Because of Danner’s stitch-down construction, a widerplatform is provided to increase the stability of your underfoot.


  •   There’s no need for a break-in time because of the newly-introduced and cozy collar.


  •  Improved durability and endurance are brought about by its triple stitching.


What’s The Damage?


In comparison to several other brands, Danner boots possess high- quality and are costlier. On Amazon, you can get them for $220. This is way cheaper than the $250 price tag that comes with those on the Danner website.


Even though you may deem these boots as being expensive, they are equipped with sturdy and durable leather, and complete water- resistance.


Quarry boots are well-made boots. They lean more to the expensive side but they are of high quality and allow you to perform any job! As customers state, “what you purchase is what you get”.


Will They Last?


These boots are create using sturdy full-grain leather which provides extreme durability. Their triple stitching gives them additional endurance and long-lastingness.


Their husky hardware gives you a more secure fit and adds to their never-ending performance. In order to provide internal strength and increased stability to these boots, a fiberglass shank is added.


The bottom line is that the features which provide durability and the sturdy full-grain leather give the Danner Quarry boots the ability to last.


Let’s Talk Safety…


Danner’s exclusive technology, these boots are created with a Vibram Quarry outsole that brandishes a 90-degree heel. Because of its rubber compound, they become slip-and-oil resistant. Besides, you can get amazing debris release and traction because of its non-linear lug pattern.


Quarry boots are lined using frayed GORETEX liner and are full water-resistant. They are also created with full-grained leather which allows their strong upper to keep you protect regardless of the condition.


The protection from electrical hazards is another amazing feature of these boots. So, you’re not only kept dry but you’re protected from electrical-related injuries.


Let’s Talk Comfort…


Regardless of the shape and size of your feet, the Danner Quarry work boots are designed to fit any feet. The heel provides a tight fit but a bit loose around the toes which keeps you versatile all day long.


Because of this firm fit, the sliding of your feet is prevented. This allows for a reduced side-to-side movement and more support. As a result, you can remain comfortable all day long. Break-in time becomes a thing of the past with the boot’s modernized collar line which also provides instant comfort. Right out of the box, you get nothing less than comfort from these boots.


Pros: These boots are designed for durability and are greatly comfortable. Because of the loose toe box and tight fit, they fit perfectly.


Cons: Even though they are slightly on the expensive side, they are worth the cost.