Finding the Best Work Boots for Your Job

Most Comfortable Work Boots



What’s a workman without the proper tools for the job? Just a man without the necessary tools to complete the task/s ahead of him? Definitely not! That’s a man at risk of experiencing injuries from hazardous objects and having a low level of effective job completion. Don’t you agree?


While on the job, one can face many unexpected dangers, so why not prepare for worst case scenarios? Getting yourself a good pair of work boots is the first thing to do, trust me. Doing this is as crucial as crucial can get!


The best work boots on the market all aim to protect your toes and feet from heavy falling objects, keep you flexible and comfortable on the job, and protect you from electrical shocks.


No one wants to be vulnerable to injuries while putting in the hours. Doctor visits ain’t cheap! Not to mention the medication! I’m literally trembling by the raw thought of it.


Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Let’s talk about some useful tips to consider when shopping for the best work boots on the market.


Useful Tips to Consider When Buying the Best Work Boots


Spending the time to prepare before buying your perfect pair of work boots is very important. Moreover, one needs to brainstorm about what special features and other qualities he requires to be in that particular work boot.


Below, you’ll discover some very helpful tips to consider when shopping for your next pair of work boots:


Research. Research. Research. Ask yourself:


 –  “What requirements do I have in my work environment?”

–  “What personal needs do I have?”

Doing this helps you to get a better understanding of your needs and will work great wonders in finding the work boot that best satisfies your needs.


  •   Shop for your work boot in the afternoon or early evening. According to scientific research, the human feet swell during the daytime, especially for persons who spend most of their days standing.


  • By trying on your work boots at this time of the day when your feet are the largest, you stand a better chance of getting boots that fit you comfortably, even on work days that are longer than usual.


  •   Make preparations before heading out. This phase of your shopping journey can be of great importance, but it all depends on how you want your boots to fit. My suggestion is bringing along a normal pair of socks. This way, you can get a better understanding of how the boots will fit. Keep in mind that how a boot fits significantly affects how well you will perform on the job.


  Always remember comfort!


  • With any boot, protection is of prime importance, but nothing beats comfort! Nothing! In this modern age, brands strive to integrate a wide range of comfort features to collaborate with their protection and performance improvements.


  • Features such as additional padding, anti-microbial insoles, more asymmetrical and lighter steel toes, along with other modern-day comfort features work together to make your work boots more comfortable whether on or off.


Will the boots be easy to maintain?


  • While this is not a major issue for some persons, a few will take into consideration the degree of maintenance required to upkeep the boot’s condition.


  • Caring for your boots will help them to last longer. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on work boots that start to deteriorate after a few weeks because of the lack of proper maintenance.


  • Leather material is the easiest boot material to maintain. Just treat it with mink oil or other leather treatments to keep the materials water-resistant and flexible. You should store your work boots in a clean, dry area to reduce the possibility of them harnessing unpleasant odors and to preserve the leather.


  • You can also get ideas from other persons with experience with maintaining work boots. Speak with them and take some notes. Everybody will have different techniques, so choose the ones that are best for you.


Choose brands that have a reputation of producing quality work boots at affordable prices.


The best work boot is usually hard to find, but with a little research on the particular brands, you can better choose your best work boots with little effort. Some brands offer boots specifically designed for loggers, rangers, farmers, mechanics and miners. Popular brands include Ariat, Michelin, Wellington, Timberland, Red Wing, Caterpillar, Dexter Fargo, Rocky and Doc Martens. While many work boots are available only in men’s sizes; a few manufacturers, such as Ariat, Timberland, and Rocky, make work boots in women’s sizes.


Price will vary depending on the category of shoe, the brand and where you buy them, but generally, you should expect to spend at least $90 for a good rugged pair of work boots, to as much as $200.


Is the boot’s construction up to standard?


  • Work boots are constructed in several ways. Boots with stitch- down construction, in which the upper part is sewn to the outsole, are the only type that can be re-soled.


  • For a less expensive option, choose cement construction boots, in which the upper is glued to the outsole. In direct attach boots, which tend to last longer and have the strongest bond between outsole and upper, the two portions are molded together.


What kind of work boot are you searching for?


There are several popular styles of work boots.


  • Steel-toe boots offer reinforced tips for jobs that require you to work with heavy objects. Waterproof or water-resistant boots help keep your feet dry when you work outdoors.


  • Electrical hazard boots are insulated, offering protection from electrical charges up to 600 volts in some cases.