Justin Men’s Jmax 8′′ Work Boot




Following this is a Justin Jmax 8” boot review. If this is not your model of interest, different variations are created which give you a few additional options from the Justin Jmax work boot models. Variations are based on colors, toe-types and heights, water- resistance and lace-up or slip-on.




  •   Polyurethane outsole.


  •   Crafted in the United States of America.


  •   Softtoe.


  •   Speed lacing mechanism.


  •   Removable Justin Jel orthotic insole.


  •   Justin Jmax multi-comfort system which allows for extremecomfort.


  •   8-inch well-built tan gaucho. 




  1. Pros: These boots are made in the USA and are very comfortable and durable.
  2. Cons: Not fully water-resistant.


What’s The Damage?


Being such sturdy and durable work boots, the Justin fulfill all your work boot requirements. Made by some of the outstanding craftsmen in the USA, Justin’s Jmax is of excellent quality. These boots possess great comfort and still manage to retain their high level of durability.


The most important feature of a pair of boots is its degree of long- lastingness. I cannot think of anyone who would want to purchase a 150-dollar boot every six months.


On Amazon, you can purchase Jmax boots for about $145, compared to the $199 on Justin’s website. All in all, $145 is a steal for such a highly durable boot, also keeping in mind that they are originated in the USA.


Will They Last?


Undoubtedly, durability is the main focal point of the Justin work boots. They are crafted from a sturdy and long-lasting leather material and will have them facing up to any job. Other than its overall longevity, Justin work boots possess other features that will aid in the extended durability of these boots.


They possess a full water-resistant double-layered heel which aims to take you through the most rigorous jobs with little or no damage to them. As a result, they’ll retain their great appearance and durability.


As said before, the leather material from which these boots are made extends all the way downward to the laces. Created with double-waxed bulky laces and unstainable eyelets. Down to the laces will stand firm throughout the lifetime of these work boots.


In order to improve stability, a non-metallic shank was appended. Besides, it gives the shoe life! The Jmax also brandishes a Norwegian double-stitched storm welt which provides surpassing long-lastingness.


Let’s Talk Safety…


Created using resilient and durable leather, Justin Jmax boots can withstand even rigorous conditions. They are wear-proof, so, therefore, you’ll possess a sturdy and safe boot no matter what.


In fact, the Justin Jmax boots are the common work boots which have the soft toe. You can also get them with a composite toe, steel toe, and water-resistance.


The Jmax is equipped with a Moisture-reducing technology that results in these boots having waterproof properties in both the lining and the collar.


Even though they are not fully water-resistant, there’s no doubt that they’ll complete the job!


Let’s Talk Comfort…


Due to Justin’s technology, you’ll find that their Jmax boots are specifically designed to provide ultimate comfort. They possess a multi-comfort insole which supplies great cushioning for your feet all throughout the day.


Their removable custom Justin Jel orthotic creates the medium for extreme comfort and will subsequently have you wearing these work boots all day. Also, its top collar is padded to allow you to be adequately satisfied in your time wearing these work boots.