Justin Men’s Stampede 7200 Work Boot




Following is the review of one of the highest quality work boots on the market, the Justin Stampede 11”. Not interested in this specific model? Then check out the variations that are created which gives the customer a few more options for a product selection from the Justin Stampede work boot product line. Variations are based on the different toe types offered along with color variations and different work boot heights.


As a popular work boot manufacturer situated in the USA, Justin Boots produces high quality work boots suiting the needs for many Americans. Justin work boots sits right up there with the boots of the highest quality and compliant with quality standards, thereby ensuring that the customer obtains value for their money.




  •   Comfort system by the use of Justin Jflex.


  •   Low profile curved toe.


  • Manufactured in USA.


  • 11’’rawhide.


Removable Justin orthotic boot insoles along with stabilization shoe technology.

  •   Easy pull on of boots.


  •   Q-unit boot. 


Will They Last?


The durability characteristics of this work boot manufactured using premium rawhide is significant improved and as such will last its owner for years to come. The Justin Stampede will be excellent in any working conditions that they are subjected to due to the use of such durable rawhide


These boots are manufactured for tough working conditions and the workers that are subjected to such conditions. Furthermore, is important to note that they were originated by the Texas Cowboys, and as such you are guaranteed nothing less than a high quality work boot.


For increased strength and stability, the Justin Stampede is lined using a single welted stitch. These boots are designed to disregard the use of laces and as a result, the Justin Stampede is a pull on boot. Many may be opposed to the fact that laces where not incorporated but due to the height of the boot it is not feasible to use laces for the Justin Stampede.


Let’s Talk Safety…


With such a sturdy rawhide this work boot is capable of enduring harsh environmental conditions. Having employed the use of the rawhide as protection for your feet, the incorporated round safety toe also provides extra safety for your feet as well. Stability of this work boot is greatly improved by the use of Justin stabilizing technology which simultaneously improves the support of the feet thereby increasing safety of the feet as well as comfort.


The worst case scenario in working conditions is having an unstable work boots which might cause some injury to its occupants. If you are a worker concerned about safety features rather than other work boot characteristics such as comfort, take time out to check the available variations of the Stampede models.


Let’s Talk Comfort…


The models associated with the Justin Stampede product line are created to produce superior comfort which these boots are known for nationwide, due to the use of justin’s unique technology. Excellent comfort is made available by the use of J-flex comfort technology along with the added removable orthotic insole.


It is also important to note that these work boots fit to the shape of your feet and have a reasonable “break in time” allowing your feet to flex in accordance with the boot which invariably increases the comfort level of these boots, as a very stiff boot may be very uncomfortable for some users.


With Justin Stampede, you are guaranteed comfort for the entire day. Amazingly, due to the design of this work boot it can be used for multiple purposes, as a work boot and stylish enough to be worn daily due to its high degree of comfort and in fact it can be worn at night out events.


What’s The Damage?


It is important to note that the use of premium rawhide in the manufacturing of work boots almost always produces high quality products. Created for cowboys along with workers subjected to harsh working environments these boots are designed to be able to withstand all environmental factors and as such are highly durable.


Paying for high quality products often requires the user to spend exorbitant sums of money. However, this is not entirely the case for this work boot. Users are required to pay $160 in stores and $145 on popular merchandizing websites such as amazon, for $145 you are guaranteed value for your money. Many customer reviews revealed that these boots are in fact very comfortable, some customers even compared the Justin Stampede to running shoes and further added that these work boots are amazingly stylish. The use of the brown leather material along with the stylish design provides the Justin Stampede with multiple uses, essentially as a work boot which can be worn on your night out with your favorite jeans.


Pros: High degree of comfort and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Cons: Not waterproofed with very limited safety features.