Keen Utility Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Boot Review






  • Light weight: This boot sits amongst the lightest of work boots on the market thereby contributing to its superior comfort.


  • Very cool: In warm environmental conditions to maintain a
    comfortable temperature for your feet an added mesh liner is
    used with breath ability.


  • Leathery mesh construction.


  • Excellent Grip: resistance to oil and slippage


  • Rubber based sole.


  • Padded heels maximizes comfort based on its design.


What’s The Damage? 


The keen Atlanta is quite affordable coming at a price less than $90 whenever there are sales. This is a very good product selection to make if this work boot fits your working condition.


This is absolutely a steal if you require a work boot that is both comfortable and durable for almost everything outdoors. Also bear in mind that this work boot is very versatile and can be used for multiple purposes, so save that extra money that you were planning to use to buy that shoes to go hiking!


Let’s Talk Comfort… 


The design of this work boot functions to provide a cool comfortable environment for the feet especially if you are required to work in hot work environments. This can be a good product selection if your working conditions are similar to what have stated before. It is also important to note that the mesh component is quite light weight and allows for the inlet of air and vice versa.


Additionally, air intake and out flow is essential in the avoidance of the popular “athletes foot” with the usual sweating of the feet. Added to that, this work boot is equipped with a softer sole along with padding of the heel ensuring an ideal support system. Basically this work boot is so unique in its design that in truth its lacks the usual work boot feels, which is very beneficial to its users. Having such a high degree of comfort, users are capable of working all day with the slightest memory that they in fact are wearing a work boot.


Will They Last? 


These boots are designed and manufactures to last a very long time when considering its durability characteristics. By using these boots in the stipulation work environments they in fact should last for years. It is important to note that the right conditions are an environment in which these work boots are not subjected to prolong exposure to the elements.


One may wonder about the use of a mesh design but it is in fact a feasible design seeing that they do not reassembly the customary work boot but they are long lasting and very sturdy when compared to its competitors.

Excellent athletic cleats are usually manufacture with the use of mesh technology to circumvent the effects of the applied pressure while moving at high speeds. Subsequent to this, it is to that logic that mesh is beneficial in the construction of long lasting work boots.


Let’s Talk Safety… 


With such premium traction along with light weighted materials, the safety of this work boot is significantly improved. Which can be considered as the major selling point as it pertains to the Keens Atlanta. With this work boot you are able to move quicker due to the light weighted materials used and also benefit greatly from the effective grip from the pattern works on the underside of the Keens Atlanta.


If you are required to carry out your daily tasks in a hazardous work environment that requires you to move very quickly then look no further than the Keens Atlanta. It is important to note that this work boot is unable to offer ankle protection as opposed to larger typed work boots. Due to its light weight design and traction it will ensure quicker movement if it is so required.


As aforementioned, moldy athlete’s feet will be a thing of the past due to air flow through the mesh design. It is however crucial to note that work environments saturated with rubble materials that are unavoidable, the use of the Keens Atlanta is not recommended.


Pros: Versatility as well as light weight can be considered as the most outstanding features of this work boot. This boot is also well suited for just about every environmental conditions: a trip to the beach, working on rigid construction sites or for mountain hiking purposes.


Cons: Having a small heel of 1.25’’, this work boot does not offer adequate ankle protection. If this is not fitting to your work type which requires excellent ankle support, then this work boot is not recommended for you.