Men’s Danner Vicious 4.5′′ NMT Work Boot



This work boot is very cozy and well-designed.




Given that it was made of a sturdier leather material, if could have been warmer.




Men’s Danner Vicious 4.5′′ NMT Work Boot Features

  • –  Fully water-resistant and designed with a fairly stretchable GORE- TEX material, which allows for better fitting and comfort. It also removes moisture from the shoes and keep your feet dry.
  • –  Outside Sole – slip, scratch-proof and slip.
  • –  Produced from high quality leather that provides more durability

    and comfort.

  • –  Grip – Working inside or outside, its ambidexterity is enhanced by

    a 90-degree heel.

  • –  Scratch-free heel cap allows for more extensive longevity.
  • –  You can speedily lace up your work boots via its speed lace technique, which allows for a closer fit.
  • –  Your entire feet will have more space, with comfortable fit at the heels, by way of Danner Trailguard Platform.
  • –  Sudden impacts can be quelled by using its thin EVA midsole. It also allows for more comfort.






Let’s Talk Comfort…


In contrast to their hiking boots, the Danner Vicious work boot is designed using the exact mechanism, which has high quality leather material, which provides users with more coziness and security. When the attributes of hiking boots are examined, they are given the opportunity to manufacture a lightweight boot. However, it is still very sturdy.


Due to its recently introduced design, you get a more comfortable and closed fit. However, there’s additional space in the toe box for you to move your toes all about. With this extra space, your feet can move with natural resonance even when you’re transporting hefty materials or doing day to day work. If it happens that something suddenly comes into contact with your work boots, its Dual density EVA midsole takes in that blow and provides your feet with great coziness for the duration of the day.


Let’s Talk Safety…


Whether you engage in under the roof or outdoor craft, these flexible work boots are furnished with an oil-and-slip-prevention outsole, along with a 90-degree heel. If you take part in work where there are a lot of tough activities, these work boots possess a scratch-free heel, a top section of leather material, water-resistant and interlined with Gore-Tex. It also has a non-metallic safety toe (NMT).


How the NMT works is that it will prevent the build-up of heat or coldness that your feet experience. Besides, this calls for their use in any working order. If you’re concerned about getting electrocuted or anything of that sort, be rest assured that these construction work boots possess shock- proof heels and soles.


Danner Vicious work boots are fully water-resistance and has a flexible Gore-Tex liner to reduce moisture. It also helps to maintain a level of comfort, even in undesirable situations.


Will They Last?


Manufactured from sturdy high quality leather, the Danner Vicious can withstand any condition and stands as the best construction work boots. To do this, they extract recently used mechanisms and attributes from their line of hiking boots. Qualities deriving from hiking boots such as long-


lasting, flexible and hard are the special ingredients that were used to help formulate this exceptional and long-lasting product.


To keep you out of harm’s reach and supply great long lastingness, top- rated materials such as Gore-Tex along with Vibram are employed. No matter the condition, no matter the job, these work boots will strive to maintain their awesomeness.


What’s The Damage?


Amazon’s prices of these construction work boots is $160, which it very less expensive when compared to those 180-dollar ones on Danner’s personal online site. Being priced at $160, you can rock them anywhere you desire. They also have great attributes, which help them to become one of the best work boots on the market. It full water-resistance and Vibram outsoles help to make them an exceptional product. There’s no way you can regret buying the Vicious 4.5 NMT work boot. They are really comfortable and weigh quite a small quantity.