Caterpillar Diagnostics steel-toe waterproof boot



Overal Rating

8.8 /10

Review of the Caterpillar Diagnostics steel-toe waterproof boot


The Caterpillar Diagnostics are jam packed with safety features, furthermore, it provides superior insulation and are sufficiently light weighted. Shoe laces can be problematic for some users but as a counter to this, the tongue is capable of opening wide enough to allow easy slip entry.


It is often reported that these work boots are slightly larger when compared to normal boot sizing. It is recommended however to consider a size smaller in your selection process.

 The Caterpillar Diagnostics steel-toe waterproof boot


  •   Leather skin – close grained leather acts as a repellant for water.
  •   Features
  •   Noticeably wide tongue cavity – slip them on and take them off quicker
  •   Thinsulation (200 grams) – maintain warm feet in colder conditions
  •   Added internal padding and 6” high cut design for increase comfort


The Caterpillar Diagnostics steel-toe waterproof boot

  •   Steel shanks intended for ankle support
  •   Rubber sole to prevent slip and shock
  •   Steel to guarantee safety for toes
  •   Athletic design providing flexibility and added comfort


Let’s talk comfort…


Through the creation of cement construction, this athletic looking work boot provides the ideal flexibility. Furthermore, when compared to other work boots on the market the caterpillar delivers a different look by its trademark stylish design. This design is intended for excellent comfort if one would focus on the specific contours as well as the curves used.


These work boots have great insulation from the 200 grams which was used in the manufacturing process. This insulation is ideal to keep the feet warm while wearing the Caterpillar Diagnostic. For added comfort, a removable gel-EVA sole is also incorporated in to design process to cushion the sole of the feet with the work boots. Comfort is a strong suit whenever you talk about the Caterpillar Diagnostic steel toe.


Let’s talk safety…


Comfort is a strong suit for Caterpillar as mentioned above, but so too is safety. These work boots are packed with several safety features which are appropriate for the construction field, these are just to name a few:


  •   Steel toes
  •   Steel Shank
  •   Anti-slip athletic sole
  •   Insulation and waterproofing


Will They Last?


The Caterpillar work boot brand represents durable work boot products. They are built with the intention to last, and as a result, they are exceptionally rigid for harsh terrains and weather conditions. They are basically engineered to withstand anything the construction industry throws at it. Their full grained leather as well as the cement construction aids in the longevity of the products Caterpillar has to offer along with the use of rubber out-sole.


What’s the damage?


The company Caterpillar has always sort to produce work boots of the highest quality with an affordable pricing strategy which resides at a mid- level range. Jam packed with safety features, there is no reason not to choose the Caterpillar Diagnostics! Such stylish work boots are appealing to the eye with its added comfort which is all the reason to make that perfect investment, an investment best suited for the construction industry.