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8.8 /10

Review of the Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6′′ Steel Toe Boot


Standing as an all-inclusive pair of work boots, they’re able to bring you coziness, protection, water-resistance and insulation. Being so affordably priced, you get a taste of everything that you look for in a work boot. Do you have a planned budget and is in search of a wide-ranging work boot with great durability? If yes, look no further.


It is referred to all all-inclusive but do you really get all that you need? No you don’t. If water-resistance or insulation is a requirement of yours, you’ll definitely be disappointed. Designed for durability, these work boots give you a taste of everything. In fact, they last longer than common work boots, but it all depends on the condition of work and the climate.

The Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6′′ Steel Toe Boot




–  Made from full-grain leather material which prevents the absorption of liquid substance.

–  You can choose between steel toe, or you can choose to have a soft toe.

–  Afraid that you might fall on them? Worry not. They have an outsole that is made from rubber, which prevents you from slipping.

–  Nylon mesh lining that is located on the inside absorbs moisture in order to prevent your feet from getting moist.

–  Whether you’re working in vigorous conditions, its Goodyear Welt construction will enhance its longevity.

–  Temperature can be automatically adjusted via a Climasphere sock that is located on the inside.


Let’s talk comfort…


If comfort is what you’re looking for in a construction work boot, you certainly won’t be downhearted. With a mesh lining, made from nylon material, any dampness that is found in the boots is eliminated. In addition, your feet will be kept at the right temperature at all times, due to  its specially made Climasphere socks. Given that you don’t work in extremely high or low temperature conditions; you can get comfort all throughout the year.


Let’s talk safety… 


These work boots present a collection of features that anyone would look forward to experience, along with a great amount of security. These include: steel toes, heel arch made specially for climbing ladders and a rubber sole that is made to prevent you from slipping.


Not to mention the grip that these work boots have. Your feet will always be kept grounded, regardless of the type of surface. Besides, if you’re a construction worker, these would be the perfect fit.


Will they last? 


Acclaimed for their high-end products in the construction industry, the CAT brand have retained this throughout their production of work boots. It is very obvious that these work boots were well-crafted. In manufacturing these work boots, Goodyear Welt construction is employed. This means that they can stand up to any condition without faltering.


The durability of these construction work boots is the primary factor of their level of impressiveness, along with their cost. If you want a sturdy, durable and affordable work boot, the Caterpillar 2nd shift is the way to go!


What’s the damage? 


If you’re working with a budget of let’s say, $50 – $150 you’re surely at the right place. Fortunately, you can acquire a pair for anywhere between $75 to $120. Being such a premium all-inclusive work boot, you can be assured that you’ll be getting your money’s worth. In short, this is a great deal that will going on for a long time.