Chippewa Men's 9" Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe EH 25420 Logger Boot



Overal Rating

9.9 /10

Chippewa 9′′ Waterproof Steel-Toe SUPER LOGGER Boot Review


The fact that these boots are referred to as “super loggers’’ should indicate that they are among the highest possible quality logger typed boots on can get. The design of this work boot type is one that ensures improved stability by the use of extreme traction applicable to all terrain types. With the increased ankle support and waterproofing, this work boot is absolutely one of the most comfortable. Added to this, they are quite durable as they were designed to last.


Paying for such high-quality products often requires the user to spend a significant sum of money, and as such the cost is above average. However, as logger boots are in a category of its own, the price is competitive when compared to other logger type work boots.



  •   Strong full-grained premium quality leather uppers which are oil tanned.


  •   Steeltoe.


  •   Goodyear welt leather construction.


  •   Chip- A- Tex type water resistant work boots keeping waste out at all times.


  •   Moisture accumulation in the form of sweat is wicked away using the internal special lining, Ruby Dri-Lex 2000.
  •   Tested against electrical hazard by ATSM.


  •   Steel shank, triple ribbed for exceptional ankle support.


  •   Vibram typed synthetic sole to increase durability with an added 2” logger boot heel.


  •   Orthotic removable insole.

What’s The Damage?


The Chippewa Super logger boots are much costlier than the standard work boots, in fact, they can cost up to twice the average work boot.


However, in comparing the Chippewa Super logger to other logger boots it is an average price for its customers for such a high-quality work boot. It is recommended to obtain a work boot that will ensure the protection of both your health and well-being in the logging industry as you are guaranteed value for your money. Financially savvy individuals, this is not the work boot for you.


Let’s Talk Safety…


When working within the logging industry, safety is a major consideration due to the many accidents and injuries that are associated with this type of industry. With one mistake it may cost exorbitant sums of money.


In light of this, the Chippewa is designed to provide superior protection due to the incorporated safety features one would expect from work boots of the highest order. It is also made available in two variants, one with a safety toe and one without. Furthermore,the use of a steel shank, triple ribbed, provides exceptional ankle support.


In addition, the Chippewa super logger has an electrical shock resistant Vibram sole which also has a 2” heel. It is essential for logger boots to have great traction to maintain stability and keep its occupants firmly grounded.


Will They Last?


The harshest of work conditions can be found in the logging industry and as a result, the toughest gears are required for the job. Premium high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing process of these work boots, along with the best possible construction methods using the latest innovative technology.


Manufactured by the use of good year welt leather construction, these boots can endure the worst possible work environments. It is important to note that if the sole of the boot wears quickly as opposed to the upper parts, it can be repaired by the addition of a new sole, which is, of course, cheaper that a replacement of a new pair of Chippewas.


With these boots you are guaranteed longevity as every logger work boot is built with the intention to last. Enjoy the reading of the logger boot specifications here.


Let’s Talk Comfort…


Comfort is a strong point for the Chippewa Super logger due to its many impressive comfort features which are very important in the making of high-quality work boots. With the Chippewa Super Logger, users are guaranteed a peace of mind as it pertains to safety while falling trees.


It is important to note that the capability of this work boot to maintain a dry environmental condition for the feet is one of the most beneficial aspects of this work boot which is made possible by the “chip-a-tex” waterproofing mechanism. Equally, the Dry-Lex 2000 lining functions to remove accumulated internal moisture due to sweat. It is essential to add water resistant based wax/cream for added work boot protection.


The accompanying orthotic removable insole should not be undermined- Stock insoles are often times not to the users liking and it should be noted that the orthotic insole due to its removable capability, allows them to be easily washed. Interested in boot insoles? read for more information.