The Original MuckBoots Hoser Classic Hi-Cut Boot



Overal Rating

9.2 /10

Review of Original MuckBoots Hi-Cut Boot


These boots are well-known for their suitability in aquatic conditions as they are fully waterproofed work boots. A kick-rim is equipped with this Muckboot model which serves to ensure quick removal for the user. This is essential as users may be subjected to dirty wet work environments. Another astounding feature of this high quality product is insulation properties. These boots are very warm and comfortable for its occupants even in the coldest weather conditions.


If the user is working in warm temperate climates this Muckboot can be too warm for comfort. Furthermore, such a high boot can be of some discomfort for some people and they might not be the most attractive set of boots you will ever see.

The original MuckBoots Hi-Cut Boot Features

  •   Guaranteed maximum water-resistance.
  •   Elastic fitting top line which creates a seal against the saturation bywater.
  •   Reinforce typed toe.
  •   Extremely reinforced heel.
  •   Steel shank, supplementary arch support.
  •   Great insulation- enables users to work in cold harsh conditions.
  •   Easy removal by the addition of a kick rim.


Let’s talk comfort…


It is widely perceived that rubber based boots are just sweat containers. There is some amount of truth to this however but does not apply to work boot products made by the Muckboot company. The company from over there years have been manufacturing waterproof based boots and have really come a long way with its moisture control internal mechanism.


There is absolutely no allowance of water into the boots while any moisture accumulation is wicked away in a constant manner. Therefore, the occupant will not experience sweaty slippery feet in these boots.


Superior waterproofing and exceptional insulation of these boots enables users to work in aquatic conditions and in cold winter conditions.


As an added bonus to its users, these boots are particularly flexible and lightweight with a wide enough heel to provide increased comfort along with a flexible foam boot sole.


Let’s talk safety…


Unlike other work boots, this muckboot is not equipped with a steel toe at its frontend, this provides more comfort in its absence but a little short on safety. For the material component, tough leather is the material of choice with both heel and toe being ideally reinforced for protection of the feet. For users who will be subjected to aquatic conditions, a steel shank is present to support ankles in the event of slipping or sliding from misjudgments in wet conditions. An all-out good investment? Of course!


Will they last…


The company Muckboots are known as the creators of durable work boots. Furthermore, customer reviews have also revealed that durability is the major characteristic that have lead them to continue to trust in Muckboots. For this reason, also Muckboots has gain its popularity on the market of work boots. They are however further strengthen by the multiple reinforcement of both the heels and toes of the work boot, delivering quality where it is so required.


What’s the damage?


For individuals whose duties require them to use a waterproof typed work boot, the cost can be considered affordable when you think about the many benefits these work boots have to offer. These boots are on sale from $80 – $130, which is a reasonable sum for a high quality boot that can last years to come. For such good quality, there is no need to break a bank!