Work Boot Review



Overal Rating

8.8 /10

Review of the Red Wing heritage Moc Toe work boot


The appearance of the Red Wing heritage Moc Toe work boot is very appealing to its customers; they might be the one of the most appealing work boots by the way. In this review, the style of these work boots are partly focused on. This is so because Red Wing is known for its excellent stylish sturdy work boots. Furthermore, they are extremely comfortable work boots designed for every inch of your feet.


Emphasis is rather placed on style rather than safety. This is dependent on the users of this work boot type and it is recommended unfortunately, to refrain from the use of these boots if your need is a 100% safe work boot. This boot does not entirely protect your feet all the time due to the lack of common safety attributes for work boots. In addition, as it concerns affordability, these boots may cost a bit more compared to others that are currently on the market.

  •   Top quality leather
  •   Slip resistant rubber, durable, crepe wedge sole
  •   Manufactured in the United states of America
  •   Stylish Design 


Lets talk comfort…

The major features of the Red Wing Heritage men’s Moc- toe are its comfort and style. It is within our belief that these are the most outstanding set of work boots when you talk about style and many individuals would second to that in agreement. To make things a bit more comfortable, an added insole can be incorporated which is optional for the user. Visit this page for more information about work boot insoles.


It goes without saying that comfort is one of the strongest points when shoes of any kind are mentioned, and for the Red Wing the design is one that will cause the boots to mold in the shape of the occupant’s feet to provide even more comfort. This of course happens over the lifetime of the work boots.


The leather material used to make most of the Red Wing is rather extremely strong which can explain the slight sturdy feel in the first few weeks of wear. Overtime this will dissipate and will become more comfortable as the time progresses with each wear, there is really no need to worry.


Let’s talk safety…


This work boot is intended for those individuals who require more of a stylish boot. These boots however lack several safety mechanisms and as such are not safe enough for harsh environmental conditions especially construction sites or in the logging trade.


On the other hand, these are well built heavy duty work boots which is suitable for uneven terrains and rocky typed areas for example a quarry facility.


Will they last?


These boots are hand crafted from high quality materials, leather to be exact, which is a product of USA. Furthermore, the good year welt construction method is employed to create these boots which signifies that these work boots are overly durable. This is however dependent on the work environment in which they are subjected to and how often they are within such an environment. As an added bonus to its customers, The Red Wing’s insole can be replaced with a new sole in the event the original sole wears away.


It should be also noted that if you are required to work in harsh environments these work boots will not live up to the characteristic of being particularly durable. If this is a description of your circumstances check out these work boots for better alternatives.


What’s the damage?


Red Wing boots are comfortable, stylish work boots hand crafted in the USA. They can cost a bit extra depending and when and where they are purchased. They are multi-purposed work boots in that they can be worn to work and to go out on the weekends. This can be beneficial for some individuals in terms of paying a price for technically two boots!