Overal Rating

9.0 /10

Review of the Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6′′ Moc Toe Boot


The Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6” Moc Toe work boot is extremely durable and provides maximum protection for its users which is basically the two most important features of a work boot. They are also very comfortable quality assured work boots which effectively competes with other top brands on the market. Customers often finds these Moc Toe boots to be very appealing due to the features they so possess. Separately and apart from all the features that makes a work boot, a good work boot, the aesthetics is captivating to many customers. Furthermore, these American Heritage Moc Toes are believed to be among the top most attractive work boots on the market. All that you need can be obtained collectively in one package, extreme comfort, unmatched protection and complete style.


Apparently due to the design and the sole density it is possible that prolong time periods on hard surfaces like concrete might cause some amount of discomfort. It should also be noted that the wedge shaped sole adds extra weight to these work boots. Therefore, such individuals who tend to cover considerable distances should seek a lighter weighted product alternative.

The Thorogood American Heritage 6′′ moc toe boot 



 †Full grained leather.

 †Modern tobacco leather uppers (oil tanned).

 †Longevity guaranteed due to Good year storm boot construction.

 †Dual density removable insole (good shock absorbent material).

 †Light weighted Fiberglass shank for good ankle support.

 †Improved abrasion resistance and durability due to Vibram out-

 †Non-scuffing wedge white soles.

 †Trustworthy work boots, America’s favorite.


Let’s talk comfort… 


Work boots produced in the United States are best known for their high quality comfortable boots and the American Heritage Moc Toe is no different. As a point of interest, they were listed among the three most comfortable work boots on the market. You will get the idea once your feet are properly seated in these work boots.


The comfort imparting for the soft cotton which lines the interior as well as from the removable shock resistant dual density insole. With each step, requires a next due to the comfort that your feet experiences once they are placed in such a wonderful work boot with shock being constantly minimized every step of the way.


Let’s talk safety… 


Unfortunately, these boots are without a safety toe, this however creates more comfort but on the other hand they are equipped with the remaining standard safety attributes, which is expected from any work boot made in the USA. As an added bonus a fiberglass shank is employed to provide ankle support and a wedged shaped sole for increased abrasion and slip resistance. This therefore signifies improved stability even on the most slippery working surfaces. For superior safety however, it is recommended to seek work boot model from the popular boot makers, Timberland.


Will they last? 


These boots are designed and manufactured with the intent to last a very long time with the user being rest assured that they will always protect his/her feet. The leather uppers which are full grained and oiled are very durable which is attached to the good year welt construction sole. This method is believed to have produced the most durable work boots on the market. With this type of boot construction, it is guaranteed that the sole will never tear away from the rest of the uppermost levels of the boot even for years to come. However, in the unlikely event this does occur repairs can easily be carried out.


What’s the damage? 


Superior quality assurance guaranteed when the proud Thorogood American Heritage work boots are placed under the microscope. Such style in its design and its comfort when they are on your feet. You would expect these lifetime companions to cost a whole lot but fortunately they are affordable to an extent. They are however a bit over the average price range. As a marketing strategy however, this high quality boot is rendered at its price for as keeping prices low it would be unfair to snatch such a great work boot for half its worth.