Overal Rating

8.4 /10

Men’s Timberland Pro Valor 6′′ Soft Toe


There’s really not enough words to describe the comfort that these
work boots provide. It is also water-resistant, which means that substances like oil won’t affect it. It has a sturdy bottom structure, which prevents it from sliding. Additionally, you can easily take them off or put them on by way of a zipper.


The downside to these boots in the frequent sliding down of the zipper.

Men’s Timberland PRO Valor 6′′ Soft Toe Work Shoes



  • –  Created to be worn in public areas where safety is acknowledged and even warfare.
  • –  Outside Sole – slip, scratch-proof and slip.
  • –  Very airy EVA midsole which allows for athletic rendition.
  • –  Flexibility is achieved by its hard build. This also increasesdurability.
  • –  Grip – Manufactured by Timberland, the Pro outside soles which are made from rubber results in extreme resistance, regardless of the condition.
  • –  Water-resistant – When come into contact with liquid substances, its leather material prevents soaking.
  • –  A shank made from nylon which is located inside, supplies you with additional firmness in shape.
  • –  If you are worried about your feet smelling, there is a mesh lining that has antimicrobial care to reduce the smell.



Let’s Talk Comfort…


The first thing to note is that these work boots were made for combat and public areas where safety is acknowledged. Therefore, there’s no doubt that you’re going to be comfortable in them. When compared to common work boots, its airy EVA allows them to be worn in more situations. Besides, sometimes work boots can be very uncomfortable.


To reduce this, the internal mesh lining allows for better comfort of your feet. In addition, the effective Anti-Fatigue mechanism emits energy in a backward direct to important areas of your feet and allows for a more lightweight product. This is a feature that any great shoe would possess.


Let’s Talk Safety…


In focusing on the Timberland Pro Valor, you have to consider the safety of person who generally ear them. Produced by Timberland, the Pro rubber prevents heat, any liquid substances or scratches from damaging the boots. In addition, it allows for a better grip, no matter the surface type. The layer that also for water resistance, along with the particular type of leather prevents any liquid substance from being absorbed into it.


As a result, you can be assured that your feet will be kept moist-free at all times. In addition to its water-resistant attribute, these work boots prevent disease-causing bacteria from entering your body through cuts on your feet.


If you’re working under strenuous conditions, the Defender Repellent Systems (D.R.S.), along with Scotch Gard defense is explicitly designed for these situations. Besides, Scotch Gard defense makes it less complicated when you’re cleaning your work boots, and greatly refreshes the look of leather.


In addition to ensuring that you’re protected, your work boots will always have an excellent odor thanks to its Anti-Microbial mechanism.


Will They Last?


These Pro Valor work boots that are manufactured by Timberland are designed for extensive durability. Along with their water-resistance, and other protection attributes, these work boots can stay keep up with any undesirable condition. Due to the way in which it is built, you can engage more in your athletic endeavors and allows for a greater degree of motion of your feet without any resistance.


In extending its durability, the Nylon shank that is located inside of the boots gives them addition sturdiness.


What’s The Damage?


No matter the task you’re aiming to carry out, the Pro Valor work boots is an amazing work boot. Due to its design to be worn in public areas where safety is acknowledged and even in warfare, there’s great assurance that you’re getting no less of an incredible work boot. Possessing a pricing of just $135, this is great bargain for such a spectacular Timberland work boot. In need of a work boot that takes your protection into focus, while delivering great rendition? Yes? Okay, well look no further! The Pro Valor is your friend.