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Review of the Timberland 6′′ Direct- Attach Soft-toe Boot


Initially, we tried to wrap our minds around the reasons why these work boots are so sought-after, but then we finally figured it out. They are all-inclusive work boots, which possess water-resistance, in which fastened seams for additional measure. Additionally, they are enclosed with Thermolite. This allows for more warmth, and brings about extreme coziness due to its thin composition.


Unfortunately, this work boot was not designed to be worn in extremely rigid conditions. It would be recommended to purchase a different type of work boot if you work under these conditions.

The Timberland 6′′ direct-attach soft toe boot



– Made from full-grain leather material which prevents the absorption of liquid substance.

  • –  Afraid that you might fall on them? Worry not. They have an outsole that is made from rubber, which prevents you from slipping.
  • –  If you are worried about your feet smelling, there is a mesh lining that has antimicrobial care to reduce the smell.
  • –  Seams are tightly fastened to prevent the penetration of water, even on the rainiest days.
  • –  Extreme durability – Manufactured with Direct-inject construction, you can be assured that you’re getting the most out of it.
  • –  Thermal Midsole that is made from plastic allows for more pliability and protection. 


In our view, the triumph of these work boots stems from the ongoing ‘ comfort that they present.


Let’s talk safety…


There doesn’t exist a whole lot of obvious safety features on these work boots, except for the slip prevention rubber soles or the ability to choose between steel toe or soft toe. However, this is not a big deal because majority of persons don’t really focus on safety, as they do with coziness and water-resistance. This Timberland-made work boot is designed conclusively for safety, so you can check them out.


Lets talk comfort…


One of the most effective attribute of these work boots is comfort. They are constructed with high-quality oozy leather, which allows for comfort and less damage over time. In addition, this leather material supplies water-resistance and a further addition of fastened seam joins. Due to the fact that water can penetrate seams, only someone who has actually wore a seam-sealed wet suit will be made aware of the major distinction it makes.


Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your feet being all wet or cold, or having your feet being burdened by heavy material. Thinsulate is extremely warms, yet lightweight. This is really the fundamental protection for any work boot.


Will they last?


It is not recommended to wear these construction work boots under rigorous conditions. Therefore, for persons who engage in construction or logging works, you’ll end up having to repeatedly dig into your pockets to acquire a new pair. If this is not the case, these work boots are an excellent option. Given that you care for the appropriately, you have them for a longer time.


What’s the damage?


You can attain these work boots for $100 to $150. Given that they are of such great quality; this is a suitable price range for them. You’ll also get getting your money’s worth, for such an all-inclusive work boot.