Overal Rating

9.2 /10

Review of The Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot


Love to hike? Yes? Well, these work boots are your best friends. However, they can be worn in various other situations. As a result, comfort is made a major feature.

Furthermore, with the amazing Gore-Tex design, you get extreme resilience, whether wet, moist or low temperature conditions.


The main use of these work boots is hiking, hence the sole is made

to match this activity. However, it is not really suitable to construction- related activities. Regardless of the surface, it will give you extreme traction.

Unfortunately, you’ll notice that the more you wear them on rugged and hard surfaces, the more worn out the sole becomes.

The Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot 




–  Extreme comfort provided by padded heels.

–  State-of-the-art leather – allows for extended durability.

–  Maximum water-resistance – When you lace up these boots, there’s
no way that water can get inside. Besides, the tongue of the boot is
made specifically to be affixed to other areas of the boot.

–  Since they are hiking boots, amazing gripping ability is expected.

–  I know that you’ll be concerned about wearing these in low
temperature conditions. However, Timberland has you covered. There is a high-quality cushion of 400g, which allows for extreme coziness and keeps your feet warm.

–  Sole made from hard rubber, which prevents deterioration.

–  Ankle areas are kept comfortable.

–  Stretchy water-resistant protection comes about due to the Gore-Tex


Let’s Talk Comfort… 


If you spend extended periods of time hiking, these boots are definitely for you. However, it can be worn in other rigorous conditions. Besides, you get long comfort periods by the work boot’s absolute anti-fatigue


mechanism. Besides, it also assures that you can enjoy a long day with your feet being pain-free.


Extreme dryness and ideal support for your feet is also guaranteed due to their soft sole and stuffed heel, along with the Gore-Tex lining.


Are you in search of a pair of work boots that will give you great comfort or perfect for hiking? Yes? Great! These work boots will give you great pleasure either ways.


Have you ever felt how gross it is to move from place to place for an entire day in wet shoes? Gross isn’t it? Well, with the Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot you don’t have to be concerned about this.


Let’s Talk Safety… 


The high-quality gripping ability that these work boots have stands as the greatest safety feature that you’ll acquire. In fact, it is the main reason why customers purchase these boots. Having a ground height of 5 inches, the heels sufficiently allows for your ankles to be more secured and structured. Furthermore, the pliability of these boots is amazing!


To add though, if you’re a construction worker, these would not be well- suited for you. This is so because you’ll not get all wide array of traditional attributes that you’d get in a pair of orthodox construction work boots.


If you are concerned about slipping in these boots you can be rest assured that the great gripping ability and durability will prevent this from occurring.


Whether walking in icy or snowy conditions, the Timberland Chocorua keeps you fully protected. Given that these boots were designed for steep landscapes; you get extreme gripping. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about getting another pair because these have lost their grip. Well, not in the near future.


Will They Last? 


Most definitely! With these work boots, you can enjoy long periods of use without having to acquire a new pair time after time. As stated, threads may start to disintegrate if the boots are worn in rigorous condition. That aside, they’ll still have more extensive durability when compared to the ordinary work boot.


We’re totally aware of Timberland’s long reign in providing the sturdiest and most durable boots that are available for purchase. Hence, this is your one-stop-shop if you’re depending on a comfortable pair of work boots. It is rather unsurprising that these work boots are well-built and sturdy, since they are made for hiking.


What’s The Damage?


Great boots usually mean high price. This is no different with Timberland. However, these work boots are excluded from that claim. In fact, you can get these for a reasonable price. If you want a pair of work boots that can withstand the great amount of pressure that it will face, you’re at the right place. Timberland’s Chocorua can also be employed as a hiking boot, if you’re just tired of working, working, working. Take a trip into the hills! Go hiking in snow! Either ways you’ll be fully protected.