Timberland PRO Men's Hyperion Waterproof Work Boot



Overal Rating

8.6 /10

Review of the Timberland Pro Hyperion work boot


Timberland has become the superior giant in providing the most comfortable and light-weight work boots. This combination is placed into one work boot product, which is Timberland’s Pro Hyperion work boots. They are exceptionally light-weight work boots and are considered to be the most comfortable work boots available for purchase. In fact, most safety features are present and as such helps to increase the long lastingness of the Pro Hyperion, an innovative product from Timberland.


Unfortunately, the design did not take into consideration for low temperature conditions and subsequently, the Pro Hyperion will not offer much insulation in such cold conditions. Therefore, the occupant’s feet may not be as warm as they require. Thicker socks might alleviate this problem, but to an extent.

The Timberland Pro Hyperion work boot Features


  •  Manufactured using premium leather which is waterproofed for better prevention of water entry.
  •  Ever Guard leather for increased durability as well as abrasion resistance.
  • Sizeable alloy typed safety toe- guaranteed protection for your toes and no blisters due to its size.
  • Extreme lightweight EVA mid sole suitable for athletic performance and more importantly comfort.
  • Guarantee 30-day comfort – risk free.
  • Trendy athletic design.


Let’s talk comfort…


Timberland’s Hyperion Pro were made for comfort with pleasant aesthetics a mixture of runners and rigid work boots. They are also equipped with an anti-fatigue comfort system technology which functions to absorb and at the same time return energy to key zones of the feet. Therefore, delivering increased comfort and stamina all day long. As an added bonus to the customer, Timberland offer a comfort guarantee of 30 days; In the case the user is unsatisfied with the comfort of the Hyperion Pro they can immediately be refunded. Awesome don’t you think?


Let’s talk safety…


This trendy looking work boot does not comprise any other of its features, they are at best very safe work boots. As mentioned before, these boots are well equipped with a wide alloy safety toe including an anti-slip sole and high quality waterproof leather which is very effective in abrasion resistance. It is customary for work mates to conclude that these resemble hiking or running shoes but this work boot is equipped with all safety features and as such is a very high-end performance work boot.


Will they last?


These work boots are designed and manufactured with longevity as a key factor. The employment of one of the toughest type leather is so utilized due to it abrasion resistance characteristics. A molded rubber sole is also used in conjunction with the leather material which bares good abrasion resistance as well. It must be note however that this particular work boot is not best suited for the harshest work environments, take for instance working in concrete on a regular basis. For the average working conditions, the Timberland’s Hyperion Pro is most ideal due to its durability characteristics.

What’s the damage?


These work boots are somewhat costly when compared to most work boots on the market which carries a price tag of approximately $170. On the other hand, as it regards comfort and high performance, these work boots are considered to sit among the topmost comfortable and durable work boots on the market. The Hyperion is a sheered example of the technological advancements in work boot engineering.