Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot



Overal Rating

9.0 /10

Review of the Timberland white ledge mid waterproof work boot


The Timberland White ledge can be considered as a 2 in 1 work boot most suited for hiking activities and harsh working conditions. They are rather safe work boots with very good traction but what is most outstanding is its increased waterproofing mechanism. Furthermore, it is often perceived that most work boots are waterproofed due to their use of full grained leather. Full grained leather however, is considered to be a water repelling material. Most work boots are however susceptible to water and moisture entry at the seam joints, but this is not the case with the Timberland White Ledge work boots. These White ledges are seam sealed at the joints and as such, improve its waterproofing characteristics. The Timberland White ledge is also equipped with an anti-debris tongue which is a very important safety feature for your feet whether hiking or working.


Unfortunately, this work boot is not equipped with a safety toe which can be hazardous as it relates to the working environs. It should also be noted that these boots are not fully waterproofed. If the need is for a 100 % fully waterproof work boot, it is best to consider a Muck work boot or rubber work typed boots rather than leather.



  •   Seam-sealed joints for increase waterproofing.
  •   Full-grained leather uppers, optimum waterproofing and abrasion- resistant.
  •   Removable dual density insole EVA for added comfort.
  •   Speed hook for quick lacing with rustproof D-ring.
  •   Fully gusseted anti-debris tongue.
  •   Sturdy rubber sole equipped with multiple directional lugs for increase traction suitable for varying terrains (exceptional traction for hiking).


Let’s talk comfort…


Comfort cannot be achieved once your feet is in a wet work boot all day long and it is for that reason why such effort is place on waterproofing these work boots. Timberland makes it possible for you to enjoy warm dry work boots by the use of full grained leather along with the seam sealing of joints. Seam sealing makes it harder for water to penetrate these work boots and is considered to be an essential part in the design stage of work boots for most brands. This increase of waterproofing of work boots allows for little or no water entry. Additionally, Timberland has also equipped its White ledge with all Pro comfort attributes which include a soft padded collar, a dual density EVA insole and leather which is water repelling. If you seek other extremely comfortable work boots, check out these construction boots.


Let’s talk safety…


Unfortunately, the Timberland White ledge is not equipped with safety toes; this however increases comfort but if this is found to be a bit of a problem you can check out alternative construction type work boots here. As an added bonus, the anti-debris tongue offers great protection against debris of course and other falling objects within harsh working environments.


Furthermore, as it regards safety, The Timberland White Ledge has exceptional traction due to its high quality out-sole. What is more advantageous is its multi-directional lugs which offers added traction that increases stability when working on problematic surfaces. In addition, Timberland has equipped the White Ledge with a hiking typed boot sole which is well suited for workers in and around wet, slippery working terrains.


Will they last?


The durability characteristic of Timberland’s White Ledge is improved by the employment of full-grained leather which is of course abrasion resistant. It must be noted however, that the longevity of this work boot is achieved due to the fact that the joints are seam-sealed. Waterproofing thereby prevent damages to your work boots, hence this extra protection is essential for the longevity of the Timberland White Ledge work boot.


What’s the damage?


Timberland has maintained a high standard as it regards the quality of work boots they produce. Furthermore, these high quality products require customers to pay a little above the average for these hardies. The uniqueness of the Timberland pro White ledge is one to reckoned with due to its increased waterproofing mechanism. Customers are however astonished to find that the price is quite reasonable. Pricing below the effective price, Timberland has presented customers with an irresistible high quality work boot which is often unmatched by other work boot brands on the market.