Timberland Men's Earthkeepers Original Leather 6-Inch Boot



Overal Rating

9.2 /10

The Timberland Earthkeepers 6 inch lace up work boot


You’ll find yourself trying hard not to be attracted by these boots, due to their leather design. In fact, these boots stand as the forerunner Timberland’s Earthkeeper work boot line. The materials used to manufacture these boots are reused and sourced to provide sustainability. The reduction of human impact on ecology is reduced with these construction work boots and possess reused lining and outsoles which features natural laces. However, they still maintain their quality and amazing looks.


Safety is the major downfall here. We suggest that you bypass these and look to some alternatives, given that you work in rigorous conditions. However, if you work in areas where safety is not of a major concern, they’d be perfect for you.

The Timberland Earthkeepers 6 inch lace up work boot




  • –  Anti-fatigue insole can be detached.
  • –  Waterproof in areas where there are little or medium moisture.
  • –  Manufactured with concern for environmental sustainability.
  • –  Made from fully reused PET lining and natural cotton, which allows for the sustainability of the environment.
  • –  Rubber lug outsole is made from 42% reuse materials, and allows for longevity and extreme gripping, regardless of the surface type.
  • –  Superior full-grain leather made from processed animal skins and hides. 

Let’s talk safety…


Manufacture with high-quality leather and waterproofing ability, it is not recommended to wear these in rigorous conditions. For one, it doesn’t possess a steel toe, it has no slip-prevention measures, no designation of electrical current or any other safety measures.


Well, the waterproof ability and high-quality leather that is equipped in these boots can give you a fair amount of safety for daily usage, but however, they’re not designed to be worn in areas that have huge machines, etc. Besides, waterproofing can be enhanced by using water- resistant creams or wax. You can get more information here.


All in all, these boots are definitely not suitable for conditions that have heavy duty equipment, etc. However, you can browse through some that are suitable for those conditions here.


 Let’s talk comfort…

This is your one-stop-shop for a comfortable work boot that has a sophisticated design, and has multi-purpose. Fashionable and comfortable are just a few descriptions of them. Also, you can even wear these when you’re just going to the mall, or just to get coffee. Yes, they look that good! The anti-fatigue mechanism enables person to feel relaxed and comfortable through long hours.


The way this mechanism works is that it is integrated into the midsoles and employs a symmetrical cone to assist in upstanding. It also helps to provide more coziness whenever you’re in a standing position. Besides, impacts of shocks are quelled and energy is reverted to your feet throughout the day’s proceedings.


Regardless of the comfort and the fashion, these boots will become you best friend!


Will they last?


Timberland never fail to bring premium quality, long-lasting and sturdy work boots to their customers. Firstly, these are quite lightweight. Hence, they are unsuitable to rigorous conditions. In fact, if you think they’ll face some damage on a daily basis, maybe you should try a different model. The Timberland Pro Pit Boss is a great suggestion though.


For persons who work in fair conditions, you can have these for a long while, given that you take good care of them.


What’s the damage?


The Timberland Earthkeepers come with a high price tag, but to me, they stand up to their cost. You’ll be getting nothing short of an amazing work boot, manufactured by one of the leading and best work boot manufacturers on the market.


These work boots will become your best friend! Everywhere you go, you’ll want them in your company. A bug plus is that they are environmentally friendly. Hence, environment sustainability will come about. So make the correct choice and get great features with this work boot!