Timberland Men's 6" Premium Boot



Overal Rating

9.2 /10

The Timberland Men’s 6 Inch Premium Work Boot


Commendably, you can look forward to great performance from this work boot, even in rigid situations. Besides, you don’t even have to worry about your feet becoming moist. Seems like the perfect fit already, right? Well maybe! However, there’s a lot more to offer.

Timberland has had an extensive period of supplying several of the best work boots, specifically water-resistant ones to their customers. In addition, these work boots probably stand as their best-sellers ever.

Furthermore, you’ll be blown away by the wide range of colors that they come in. In fact, there are 17 of them. These boots are also comfortable and extremely durable.


A widely known downfall of these Timberland Premium work boots is that they them to have a little more space around your feet. For instance, you may have a size of 12 but only a size of 11.5 will fit you perfectly. Even so, if this doesn’t work, you may need to throw in a pair of sock to help fill the space. Especially if you work in low temperature areas.

The Timberland Men’s 6 Inch Premium Work Boot




  • –  Sole made from rubber.
  • –  Strong leather – allows for extended durability.
  • –  Extreme comfort provided by padded heels.
  • –  Amazing gripping ability due to outsole traction.
  • –  Maximum water-resistance – When you lace up these boots, there’s no way that water can get inside. Besides, the tongue of the boot is made specifically to be affixed to other areas of the boot.
  • –  The Style Master – Worried about getting these in a color that’s unlike the normal khaki-looking color? You’re in luck! These come in 17 different colors. Yes, that’s what I said. So just pick and go!
  • –  I know that you’ll be concerned about wearing these in low temperature conditions. However, Timberland has you covered. There is a high-quality cushion of 400g, which allows for extreme coziness and keeps your feet warm.



Let’s talk comfort…


The complete anti-fatigue mechanism featured in these work boots allows for extensive comfort, and is perfect for persons who are always on their


feet. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your feet for the entire day, you won’t start to feel any form of painfulness on your feet. To accomplish this, they possess a sole that is very soft, along with a padded heal which allows for the most favorable support. Therefore, there’ll be no moisture on your feet whatsoever.


I’m almost certain that no one wants boots that are filled with moisture. However, you can be rest assured that the Timber Premium will prevent the occurrence of water-filled socks, or anything of that sort.


Additionally, there is a high-quality cushion of 400g, which keeps your feet warm. It’s not recommended that you wear these in warm conditions though. They are more suitable for cold conditions.


You can browse through some alternate top rated work boots here. If you work for extensive periods of time, you can choose your most comfortable work boots from this great rival.


Let’s talk safety…


There is nothing greater than the great gripping ability you will get with these work boots. In fact, this safety feature is the most significant factor of selling rate. If you’re concerned about not having sufficient ankle – protection and support, the boot’s heel stands 6.5 inches from ground level.


Even though there’s no safety toe, you can still be happy because this only adds more weight to your boots.


The flexibility of these boots is amazing. Possess extreme gripping ability and durability, there’s no way you wouldn’t be comfortable in these. Besides, there are measures put in place to prevent you from slipping.


Will they last?


Why be concerned about acquiring a new pair in quick succession? As the name suggests, these boots were designed for extended durability. Hence, the name “Premium”. If you always turn to these boots in all situations, along with work, these boots are undoubtedly the right fit for you.


Manufacturing work boots of the most durability and sturdiness has been a trait of Timberland over past times. I know you’re thinking that that doesn’t really give you a reason to purchase their products, but the ability of their product to maintain the dryness of your feet should be a pulling factor. Besides, they tend to don’t get out of shape easily.


What’s the damage?


Well, when it comes on to pricing, there are several factors such as color and size. Don’t expect these to be the most inexpensive boots you’ll ever buy but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


In fact, no working person wants to always be feeling the pressure of cheap work boots on their feet every day. Honestly, Timberland has provided a great deal for these work boots. If you work in rigid conditions, you should not hesitate to grab these. No other boot can compare to the color-selection range, comfort and protection that these offer. Don’t waste time, grab these as soon as you can!