Timberland PRO Men's Endurance PRO Waterproof 6" Work Boot



Overal Rating

8.2 /10

The Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance 6′′ Waterproof Work Boot Review


If you’re someone who stands most of the time while working, these work boots are specifically for you. There, you can see where ‘endurance’ stems from. In fact, they appear to carry out this task without any downfall. To add, they are really comfortable work boots, and looks out for your safety. There is also a 30-day return period where you have return the product if they are not as comfortable as you’d like them to be. It also has an amazing water-resistance features that prevents water from penetrating the boots.


These work boots were designed specifically for rigid conditions, for instance, places where construction is being done. Besides, it is Cement construction that is used to produce them, instead of Goodyear welt construction. Goodyear welt construction allows for enhanced durability, while Cement construction is employed for comfort and pliability. In our view, they should have used the most recent one.



  • –  Water-resistant layer.
  • –  Ability to refund in 30 days, if your comfort requirement is not met.
  • –  Protection from electrical dangers.
  • –  Rubber sole to prevent slipping.
  • –  Upper section is made of rough full-grained leather material.
  • –  Technology system designed for comfort and fights against fatigue.
  • –  Elasticity is brought about via its cement construction.
  • –  Steel toe is made with additional width.
  • –  Flexible steel – sole plate prevents flex perforation


Let’s talk comfort…

Manufactured with use of cement construction, the Timberland Pro Endurance work boots provides you with very pliability, workable, and comfortable work boots. Furthermore, when the boots come into contact with an object that causes great impact, there’s an Anti-fatigue technology comfort system’ which helps to quell the amount of shock your feet will experience as you make your steps. As a result, your feet are better supported and experience less over tiredness on days with are rather extensive.


Standing as one of the most comfortable work boots you can base your options on, you can be assured that they’ll keep up even for persons who work long hours. Not completed happy with your work boot? Why not refund it? In case you were unaware, Timberland Pro provides you with 30 days to return them without any complications.


Let’s talk safety…


When it comes on to these work boots, safety is put into great focus. Different codes of safety consist of Anti-shock technology, rubber sole to prevent slipping and a toe for safety. Please be reminded that you also have to be comfortable to be safe as well. In fact, it is a very crucial factor.


The more comfortable you are, the less you’ll feel exhausted you’ll feel. In the fullness of time, you’ll notice that you incur less abrasions.


Additionally, if you’re worried about stepping on sharp objects like nails, you can be assuring that you’ll be kept far away from any occurrence of that. I say this because the work boots have a workable sole plate that prevents objects from penetrating the bottom of the boots and piercing your feet. Regardless of your gender, as long as you work on a hazardous construction site, you’ll need all these safety attributes to protect your feet.


Will they last?


It is clear that these work boots were manufacture for rigorous conditions. Hence, you’d then be thinking that they should last for a long time. There’s just one disquietude with regards to their construction. Here, the manufacturer chose to use cement construction instead of Goodyear welt construction. Besides, Goodyear is preferred for more durability. Cement construction on the other hand produces more comfortable work boots.


To add, several durable work boots have been manufactured by Timberland Pro for years. Therefore, as long as you are not engaging in rigorous working conditions on a day-to-day basis, these work boots will keep up longer. There, you can see that there’s an unbalanced favor for 100% comfort and 100% durability. However, for a person how works for extensive periods of time, being comfortable should be his prime concern.


What’s the damage?


With any premium work boot, you’d expect to dig deep in your pockets. However, you can purchase these concrete boots at an affordable price. There’s definitely not a price tag on comfort or just feeling delightful when working long hours. In fact, the Timberland work boots gives you just that, with much cost-effectiveness.