Timberland PRO Men's Helix 6 Inches Soft Toe Work Boot



Overal Rating

7.8 /10

Timberland Pro Helix 6′′ Soft Toe Work Boot


Comfort is what these work boots are so greatly renowned for. They create an equilibrium between spectacular composition and longevity. In addition, they’re impossible to be affected or damaged by any liquid substance.


Even though not everyone may experience this, if you buy a pair of work boots, of say size 10, they usually don’t fit perfectly on your feet.

The Timberland Men’s Pro Helix 6′′ Soft Toe Work Boots




–  Water-resistant – Well-designed leather-made uppers help to prevent build-up of moisture and maintain the dryness of your feet, regardless of the working condition.

  •  Grip – prevents slipping due to oil, water, or any liquid substance.
  •  Outsole – Whether it is liquid or heat, you are kept safe at all times.
    Besides, there’ll be full gripping regardless of the condition.
  •  Crafted with state-of-the-art leather, you can be assured that you’ll
    be having these for years.
  •  A shank made from nylon which is located inside, supplies you with additional firmness in shape.
  •  If you are worried about your feet smelling, there is a mesh lining that has antimicrobial care to reduce the smell.
  •  Flexibility and extended durability come about due to its Cement Construction.
  •  Stuffed top collar allows for greater comfort.


Let’s Talk Comfort…


Need a pair of construction work boots that are really lightweight? We have you covered. Even if they come into contact with something hard, their Anti-Fatigue mechanism will quell that impact and keep your feet comfortable. Besides, energy is rerouted back to your feet. A person on Timberland.com who had a great experience with these work boots states “Very comfortable and lightweight. Very comfortable boot.” Furthermore, the collaboration between the padded top collar and the nylon shank provides extra comfort and structural support. Comfort is something that Timberland ensures you. Besides, they give you the assurance that you’ll be astonished about these comfortable work boots.


In fact, if you have experienced wearing alternate brands and concludes that these work boots are not as comfortable, you get a full refund if you’re able to provide proof of purchase.


Let’s Talk Safety… 


Safety stands as an extremely vital thing to consider when purchasing work boots. Additionally, the degree to which is can grip also of great importance. If you need a work boot that prevents you from slipping, prevents heat and is extremely durable, check out the Pro Helix by Timberland. Their Pro rubber is the main reason for these safety measures.


Worrying that your boots may start to smell? If so, there’s no need to worry when you have the antimicrobial treatment included in your boots. These help to minimize boot odors. Safety is not an issue with these boots. No matter the condition, these work boots are undoubtedly above- average.


Not to mention its impenetrable water membrane. This allows for the reduction of moisture in maintaining the dryness of your feet and protection from water. In addition to water protection, you can be kept away from disease-causing bacteria that are produced by blood.


Will They Last? 


Regardless of your working condition, these boots will endure. Their durability is out of this world. To add, these work boots can maintain their comfort and stand up to anything, due to the TiTAN last, along with the Anti-fatigue mechanism by Timberland. They provide great leather-made water-resistance, hence, can be worn in any working environment. All in all, durability is a strongpoint of these construction work boots.


What’s The Damage? 


Boots of high quality become the thoughts of many, upon their awareness of work boots made by Timberland. Inevitably, these high quality work boots generally have a high cost associated with them. However, I my opinion, Pro Helix is nothing short of a great purchase. This is so because they provide excellent attributes and protection. On Amazon, you can get them for an initial price of $140. In fact, these are less expensive when compared to the $180 ones on Timberland’s online site. These work boots are available for sale on the “ultimate in lightweight comfort” line.


Needless to say, the work boots manufactured by Timberland possess exceptional quality, which accounts for their high cost. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to grab these for $140. You can be assured that they’ll maintain your safety, durability and comfort.