Danner Men’s Crafter Work Boot



Overal Rating

9.6 /10

Danner Men’s Crafter 6′′ NMT Work Boot


These work boots are very stylish, comfortable, and durable.


Your feet may start to get sweaty inside. These Danner Men’s Crafter 6” NMT work boots don’t offer the best airflow. Following this is a Danner Crafter 6′′ NMT boot review. However, if it happens that you’re looking for another model, there exists a wide range of selections and options in the Danner Crafter product line. These selections include variations in colors, height, and toe type.

Men’s Danner Crafter 6′′ NMT Work Boot Features


  • –  Nylon shank.
  • –  Durable leather-made upper.
  • –  Water-resistant oiled Nubuck leather.
  • –  Additional support by the orthotic heel clip.
  • –  The plush dual-density footbed offers great cushioning and venting on the underfoot for extreme airflow.
  • –  NMT complies with the standards of ASTM.

– The Danner comfort system offers a high level of comfort, support, and durability.


Let’s Talk Safety…


The Danner Crafter work boot’s water-resistance is a safety feature among many others. It is constructed with Danner dry waterproof protection as a way of keeping water at bay and keeping your feet moist-free all day. The oiled Nubuck leather upper will safeguard your feet, besides providing a durable and sturdy leather that can last you a very long time.


Furthermore, the custom outsole of the Danner Crafter is slip/oil- resistant and has a 90-degree heel. In addition, the sole has an excellent gripping ability to help you withstand any job, notwithstanding the type of terrain. Its non-metallic toe increases the level of safety that these work boots provide, and complies with the standards of the ASTM.


Let’s Talk Comfort…


Comfort is the major aspect of this Danner Crafter work boot. It sports the innovative Danner Comfort System (DCS) which brings about maximum durability and comfort. In addition, the Crafter has a new patent pending plush footbed which provides additional comfort and perforation for exceptional air ventilation.


The Danner Crafter work boot is also equipped with a wider toe box to provide a looser and more comfortable fit. All in all, these work boots offer outstanding comfort and will reduce the stresses that come with standing on your feet for long periods.


Will They Last?


These work boots are very long-lasting. This is due to the durable and sturdy Nubuck leather from which they are made. The leather is waterproof, so it won’t deteriorate under bad conditions.


A Nylon shank is featured on the inside to increase support and strength. Danner’s new technology and high-end materials such as the orthotic heel clip provide additional support for the work boots and enhance their durability.


It is Danner’s belief that quality boots come before quantity, which is the reason behind their preference to design handcrafted work boots. According to Danner, “Each pair of boots is no better than the hands that make them.” Therefore, you can see that these work boots are designed to last.


What’s The Damage?


Upon purchasing Danner work boots, you know that a quality pair of work boots is what you’re getting. Noticeably, quality often attracts a higher cost. However, this is not always the case when working with work boots made by Danner Crafter.


You can get these work boots on the Danner website for $160 and several cheaper and decent ones for just $140 on Amazon. These work boots excel in superior comfort and durability and offer great performance regardless of the weather.


For a quality pair of work boots like these, $140 is a really affordable price compared to some other work boots that can cost you $200 and above.